Bike displays for specific purposes.

Display option using VARIO: Quadrant element in combination with ROLLI floor level
presenters, the ingenious two level solution for corners. 6 bikes in approx. 2.5 mē.

VARIO Semi-Circle: Ideal for group

Birkhold Presentation Systems are designed to occupy as little space as possible.

The space required for a VARIO display depends on the size of the bicycles used.

VARIO helps you to better realise the potential of your salesroom - even
in irregular shaped rooms.

The VARIO-Presenter can be used in many different display variations which can be easily put together. The modular VARIO-System can be effortlessly combined with the TWIN-Presenter. This means that TWIN can be extended around corners by using VARIO corner components.

In all variations the display is particularly space saving and clearly laid out. The frame comes in varying heights, like the TWIN-System.

The MINI presentation rails allow easy handling and quick access to the bikes on the VARIO display. The rail can be extended a good 51cm which is perfectly suited to the VARIO-Presenter.

For specific purposes

Specialist solutions for corners and central displays.

VARIO Semi circle

  • 12 Bicycles attractively displayed in approx. 5mē .
  • Can be positioned in the centre of the room or against the wall.
  • Ideal for group displays.
  • Orderly, clear display creates a precise image and a good impression.
  • Convenience together with easy accessibility aids efficient sales presentation.

VARIO Circle

  • 24 bicycles in approx. 10 mē
  • Great solution for the centre of a room (or for example around a pillar).
  • With a few additional parts a VARIO Circle can be converted into four quadrants or two semi circles.