TWIN with raised attachments

Raised display at differing heights.

Display option using TWIN: Upper level with optional angled attachments. For even more
attractive presentation and ease of handling.

TWIN teamed with ROLLI floor

The differing heights means that the distance between the fully assembled bikes can be reduced to 38 cm.

In addition, the raised attachments create a more vibrant impression.

Display even more fully assembled bikes in a limited space.

The high quality frame is elegant with a slimline appearance so that even the lower level bicycles are shown to the best advantage. The modular system can be adapted to any length by means of intermediate supports.
Your sales area is doubled!

Even though the distance between the bicycles is reduced, the difference in height means that the bikes do not get in each otherīs way and easy accessibility is guaranteed.

The height of the lower level bicycles can also varied by using FLIP-quattro and ROLLI. A distance of 38cm between the bikes on the lower level is also ample.

Raised attachment

No better way to make the best use of your space.

The raised attachments are simply fixed onto the display frame - they can easily be added onto
existing systems!

Raised attachments and angled
attachments can be used together.

A particularly sporty appearance can be achieved when combined with angled attachments.

Quick and easy assembly means that the raised attachments are the ideal way to vitalise your TWIN-System.

40 % more bicycles can be displayed compared with existing two level

No tools are required and the assembly only takes seconds.

The sturdy raised attachment is fixed in position on the display by tightening the bolt by hand.

The bicycles on the upper level are then displayed at alternate levels with a 20 cm height difference, allowing the height of the handlebars to alternate without getting in the way of each other.

Requires a room height of approx. 2.60 m.

The simple retrofit raised attachment redefines the boundaries of your salesroom. The benefit: more bicycles, maintained accessibility.