TWIN with angled attachments

Optimising both display and accessibility.

TWIN with angled attachments: making your bicycles even more accessible to your customers.

No tools required - the angled attachment
is fixed by tightening the bolt.

Angled downwards towards the customer.

Angled attachments - even better presentation and ease of handling

Our TWIN-Presenter combines maximising the available space with optimal accessibility like no other system. Using it together with our angled attachments results in an even more effective display option.

The angled rail creates a more dynamic presentation and optimises the height of the display, resulting in more successful sales pitches.

These fittings significantly enhance the upper level display. The extending rails of the TWIN-Presenter are simply fixed onto the angled attachments, which means that the bike is no longer held horizontally but on a slope. This creates a more attractive appearance and allows the customer to inspect the bicycle much more easily.

Improved accessibility and handling

Even more convenient und effective with angled attachments.

TWIN in combination with angled attachments: Dynamic and
spacious appearance.

TWIN in combination with angled attachments: More attractive
presentation and easy accessibility.

Modular and easy to combine - the ideal configuration for every salesroom!

When the salesperson wants to show the bicycle to the customer in more detail, the rail can be pulled out to nearly a metre. The slanted presentation means that the bike is now at eye level.

All the components of the bike can be pointed out and discussed with ease. The customer not only listens but looks as the salesperson explains the bike .

Improved accessibility is a further significant benefit of the angled attachments. If the salesperson wants to remove the bicycle from the stand, it is much easier to do so from the lower position. The bicycle can simply be removed sideways.

The angled attachment can also be added to existing systems (constructed in or after 2001). Like the presentation rail itself, the angled attachment is simply fixed onto the frame of the TWIN-Presenter by tightening the bolt .