SKY Presenter

Professional presentation for selected bikes.

SKY Presenter: an eye-catcher for trade fairs, window displays and salesrooms.

Detailed view : The motor driven rotating
display is fitted with a floor plate to ensure
a stable base.

A first class eye-catcher - the motor driven SKY presenter.

Elegant and slow turning, put particular bikes in the limelight.

Get your business moving!

SKY is a motor driven rotating display with a maintenance-free mechanism. An intergrated safety clutch means that the rotation can be stopped without any damage to the system. SKY remains stable thanks to a sturdy 4mm thick floor plate, without any additional fixtures.

The drive shaft is driven by high quality radial bearings. SKY can be adjusted to display bikes at any height between 100 and 140 cm, allowing other bicycles to be simultaneously displayed beneath the rotating display - without extra space requirements.

The ball-joint beneath the presentation rail makes it possible to tilt the bicycle by up to 30 degrees. By tightening the bolt, the resistance of the ball-joint can be set as required.

The system can carry all conventional bicycles of up to approx. 20kg. In special cases, accessories such as rail extensions, wider rails or alternative fixing methods (mid drive on electric bikes) are available.

SKY-Presenter without motor

Highlight your special offers

Fully equipped - the aluminium star-shaped base ensures a stability .

Detailed view: The ball-joint can tilt the
bike up to 30 degrees.

Detailed view: The elegant, stable,
aluminium star-shaped base.

Same basic function - different application.

SKY can also guarantee a successfully display without a motor. This option offers all of the technical refinements of the motor driven rotating display.

Instead of a metal chassis, the system is mounted on an elegant star-shaped base. The position of the rail can be adjusted manually.

This variation is the ideal solution if the available space is limited and a motorised display would not be practical.

When used together with other Birkhold Presentation systems, a range of attractive group display options can be achieved with little effort - whilst maintaining good accessibilty.