SKY-Presenter with illumination

When you want to put something special in the spotlight.

We are now able to offer you integrated illumination for the motorised SKY-Presenter. The lighting unit, a HQI Osram spotlight, is fitted into a stainless steel tube. The 150W spotlight is operated by a separate switch, allowing the SKY system to be powered independently.

The light is very intensive - even in a well lit area it's hard to miss. However, for full impact use it in a dimmer area or at night - an eyecatcher that really shows your bikes off to perfection!

SKY-Powerlight is turning an eye-catcher into a sensation!

Optimal access is guaranteed, thanks to the reliable Birkhold presentation rails. The bike is held firmly in position by a telescopic spring support: the fork adaptor fits onto any crank, making it suitable for any model of bike.