SKY-fix Presenter

Elegant, good value and practical

Always looks good - whether as a stand-alone display or as part of a group.

Star-shaped base with wheels:
superb stability and mobility.

Attractive and customer-friendly small group presentations can be created with SKY-fix.

The star shaped base can be fitted with wheels if required.

SKY-fix - ideal for stand-alone displays or as part of a small group.

The SKY-fix Presenter is a modified version of the SKY Presenter. The system is more favourably priced by eliminating the variable height adjustment and the ball-joint.

The system is stable thanks to the aluminium star-shaped base which can be fitted with wheels if required.

The presentation rail is fitted with a FIXO-clip locking mechanism. The telescopic spring support can therefore be locked in the lower position which allows easy handling.

The three part system can be swiftly assembled and used in many different ways. Some examples can be seen on the next page.

The system is available in several standard heights and in other heights if required .

Quick and effective displays

SKY-fix Presenter

SKY-fix 120 cm high, combined with ROLLI.

SKY-fix 60 cm and 120 cm high, combined with ROLLI.

Two level, tiered or pyramid-shaped displays.

SKY-fix is an excellent choice for various small group displays.

Each bicycle can be individually positioned, allowing considerable scope for ideas. The possible variations know no bounds.

You are not restricted to particular dimensions or formations. The system is available in heights of 30, 60, 90 and 120 cm.

Displays up to 90cm high can be fitted with wheels, ensuring easy accessibility for the salesperson and customer alike.

Attractive group displays can be effortlessly created in combination with the ROLLI-Presenter - whilst maintaining easy accessibility.

SKY-fix is, like all Birkhold products, very sturdy with a high level of workmanship.