Offers what your customers want.

ROLLI: elegant design and easy handling.

Example: floor display alternating

ROLLI floor display:

  • Unique function and design.
  • High quality and long life.

The smart presentation option for single displays or use to complement

Its slender design means that the presenter itself remains in the background and pushes the bicycle into the spotlight. ROLLI supports the bicycle to allow featherlight movement in every direction, ensuring optimal accessibility.

The bicycle can be moved backwards without the crank turning, therefore eliminating the problem of the crank hitting the kickstand.

The bicycle is held securely and with care. The domino effect is eliminated, which is often a problem when professional display systems are not used. In addition paint damage, commonly caused by knocks or the bikes falling over, is a thing of the past with ROLLI.

Improved handling and enhanced presentation, as well as saving time in the storage process, are beneficial and cost saving. When unpacking or during the assembly of the bike, ROLLI ensures the necessary stability.

The perfect assistants

Bicycle sales with ROLLI, TWIN and VARIO.

ROLLI, when used together with TWIN and VARIO, enables instant access to ground level bicycles. The bike can be pulled forward swiftly without interrupting the sales pitch, meaning that your customer always has your full attention. This alone conveys competence and makes for a relaxed atmosphere.
You do not need to hold the bike whilst talking to the customer and it can be returned to the display just as quickly and easily. Order is maintained - you do not need to tidy up afterwards.

ROLLI design
The sophisticated Birkhold presentation rail is supplemented by a sturdy rolling base with six integrated linear wheels. This permits precise movement in all directions and avoids getting caught on obstacles. The bike can be easily placed on, or removed from, the presentation rail.
Your customers can inspect and access the bike themselves.

Display options
Whether alternating (picture), circular or fan/shaped, there is no limit to the number of display options. If space is limited, the distance between the bikes can be reduced to less than 30cm, ROLLI needs less space than the bicycle itself. To achieve this, the bicycles should be displayed facing in alternating directions or with the handlebars turned to the side. Easy handling and accessibility are maintained.