Make a statement

Eye catching: Our systems do not take up extra space.The size of the bike determines the
amount of space required.

ROLLI-up: stable and elegant design


  • Appealing display thanks to the 20cm boost.
  • Create superb combinations together with our other systems.

The perfect alternative to a platform - a breath of fresh air.

ROLLI-up displays your bicycles in an eye-catching and attractive way at a height of 20 cm . The display is level and stable thanks to the four rolling balls which also allow movement in all directions.

The space required is not determined by the ROLLI-up presenter, it solely depends on the size of the bicycle fitted.

The display requires less space than the bicycle itself. In addition to clear and simple presentation, ROLLI provides protection and easy access to the bikes.


Clear, simple and space-saving, with easy accessibility.

The ROLLI-up looks great when teamed with the ROLLI Presenter. They can be combined in a small dual-level display or in a pyramid formation. Efficient and space-saving with optimal accessibility!

This option lends itself particularly well to “His and Her“ bikes or to racing bikes in general.

Alternating ROLLI-up and ROLLI
The fact that the bicycles are displayed at different heights provides a further benefit. The individual bikes stand out and the distance between them can be reduced to less than 38 cm.

The different heights create a good first impression and the customer can see each individual bicycle clearly.

Vitalise your display so that your customer really sees what you have to offer.

Display and sales
This display option can be adopted universally for all types of bike. However racing bikes and city bikes lend themselves particularly well to this type of presentation.

The appeal of this solution lies not only in the excellent presentation but also in the easy access to the bikes.

Sales discussions can take place under the best possible conditions as no time is wasted removing the bikes from a display and returning them there afterwards.