Fly high: ROLLI-high

Liven up the display rows - make selected bikes stand out

ROLLI-high: Your bike can be more prominently displayed and can be combined with other
elements to create appealing arrangements.

Uniform stepped display when
combined with other systems.

Its compact, space-saving design makes ROLLI-up a superior alternative to a platform display.

Single displays with ROLLI-up meet the high standards of mobility and accessibility that you expect.

Better and more compact than a platform.

ROLLI-high displays your bicycle at a height of approx. 40cm. This allows individual bikes in a row to be elevated and therefore really set apart from the rest. In the same way as the ROLLI-up, easy accessibility is ensured thanks to the smooth-running fitted rollers.

In addition, as with nearly all Birkhold display solutions, the presenter does not require any additional space - the length and the width of the ROLLI-high are less than those of the fully-assembled bicycle.

The system has clear advantages over a platform display: the space saved, accessibility and the appeal of the display make it a much more effective option.

Multi-level display with ROLLI-high

A striking display with optimal access.

ROLLI-high example of use:in combination with ROLLI and ROLLI-up you can create an
appealing multi-level display.

An arrangement that makes a statement.

A multi-level dispay can easily be achieved In combination with other Birkhold systems.

The versatility of our presenter means that you can swiftly create new display combinations.

Ideal for versatile multi-level displays.

This system can be combined with ROLLI-up and ROLLI to produce attractive multi-level displays either as stand-alone displays or as part of a longer row. Easy accessibility to all the bikes is 100 % guaranteed.

In addition, the display group can be split up and the individual components can be intergrated into other displays or used individually.With no further expense, you continually have something new to show your customers and the option to vary the bikes that you choose to set apart from the rest.