Concentrate on sporty dynamics

ROLLI-dynamic: Ideal for displaying cross bikes und mountain bikes.

Dynamic effect and practical height
of display.

ROLLI-dynamic is very stable and does not require any more space than the bicycle itself.

Four rolling balls ensure mobility and great handling.

ROLLI-dynamic - show off your products to advantage.

The ROLLI-dynamic is a raised rail. Its dynamic appeal lies in the fact that the bicycle is displayed at a forward sloping angle of just under 14.

The system is fitted with four rollers that provide stability and mobility, allowing access to the bike without any effort.

The bike can be displayed with either a raised front wheel or a raised rear wheel.

This display option really shows off the sporty, dynamic appearance of the bike to maximum effect.

ROLLI-dynamic - FLIP-quattro

The perfect combination.

Harmonious combination: alternating ROLLI-dynamic and FLIP-quattro.

ROLLI-dynamic and FLIP-quattro:
A space-saving dynamic combination.

ROLLI-dynamic and FLIP-quattro combine to create a dynamically appealing combination which is also space-saving and attractive.

Your mountain bikes and cross bikes really come into their own.

Sports bikes displayed at varied levels.

This varied level display can be created in combination with the FLIP-quattro, which is also used to display the bike with a raised rear wheel.

Each bike stands out so that the customer gets a clear picture of each individual bike. In addition, the handlebars are at differing levels thus saving space.

The angled arrangement enables the customer to see the whole bike easily.

The presenter can be simply pulled out of the display so that either the salesperson or the customer can access the bicycles effortlessly.

This variation is particularly suited to sports bikes such as mountain bikes.