quicky Presenter

Simple and functional.

quicky in combination with an OVAL plate and Big-Wheel-Clips: secure hold and value
enhancing display.

quicky - fitted with the pedal
adaptor to hold e-bikes.

Detailed view: the bicycle is held
in a straight line with Big-Wheel

A good display means that the product speaks for itself.

The quicky presenter is a stand with a spring support which can be screwed into position - simple and versatile. The bike is held in place at the crank. The Big-Wheel-Clips are unobtrusive, making sure that the bicycle remains straight, ensuring an appealing display.

Nothing to detract from the look of the bike, the value of the bike is enhanced!

The quicky can be fitted with different adaptors in the same way as the presentation rails. Therefore both traditional bikes and e-bikes can be displayed with the appropriate attachment. In the case of e-bikes with central motors, the quicky spring support with reduced spring displacement is used.

The nearly invisible solution.

Professional mounting rather than improvising.

quicky - a clear-cut appearance thanks to a linear design.

quicky with an adaptor for e-bikes.

Secure mounting and linear appearance distinguish between putting your bikes on show and putting them on display.

quicky is the Birkhold stand with a spring support and screw-on plate
which can be attached where required.

The stand with spring support is fitted with a fork adaptor which holds the bike securely in position at the crank.

To supplement the quicky presenter, Big-Wheel-Clips should be used to ensure optimal functionality and to enhance the display.

The wheel clips can be adjusted according to the product. We recommend Birkhold presentation rails if the bicycles on display are frequently changed and of different sizes. These are simply attached by means of a threaded plate.