OVAL-plates with Birkhold presenters

Clear and simple.

OVAL-plate in combination with ROLLI-up.

Striking: yes! But maintaining the ability to inspect the bicycles at close quarters: those were the findings of our research with end-customers!

The Oval-Plates (with PVC coating) clearly define the display area and the single presenter completes the display.

This has decisive benefits for both you and your customers:

  • an end-customer focused display
  • perfect access to the bike
  • easy to move, flexible display solution
  • space-saving, yet avoiding bulky structures such as platforms
  • available in different shades, from light to dark (see above)

The bicycle appears to float - conveying weightlessness and value!

A pair of Oval-Plates!

Many more possible combinations

OVAL-plate in combination with ROLLI and ROLLI-up

Displaying bicycles at different heights means that each item really stands out from the next and each bicycle is displayed to advantage. In addition, the Oval-Plate bases provide clearly defined lines. An attractive display is achieved requiring only approx. 40cm between the bikes.

ROLLI-up and ROLLI have been used here as a display combination. The shade of the Oval-Plates should be chosen to contrast with the existing flooring and surroundings.