Presentations rails: MAXI + MINI

Same basic function, different extension lengths.

MAXI and MINI fully extended. Both rails ensure a secure hold and great stability.

Optional: FLEXI Price label.
Simply attached onto the front of the
presentation rail.

FLEXI - The double price label for MINI and MAXI
Attaching the price labels independently of the bikes has the following advantages :

  • Fixed positions for all the bikes.
  • Time saving when attaching the prices.
  • Best overview for customers.

Easily attached to TWIN and VARIO.

MAXI Presentation rail

Convenient access even when the distance between the rails is limited. The rail can be extended to nearly one metre. Spring loaded pins act as extension limits at each end.
The MAXI rail is used most frequently with the TWIN presenter.

MINI Presentation rail

The upper part of the MINI presentation rail is identical to the MAXI rail. The runner is shorter, so that it can only be extended to 51cm. Fixed stops are used instead of spring loaded pins. The starting position can be set as required by adjusting the end stop. The MINI rail can always be moved backwards or forwards, it is not possible to lock it in position.
The MINI presentation rail is used most frequently with the VARIO Presenter, as the shorter length of extension is sufficient with the fan-shaped display. If used together with TWIN, the distance between the rails should be at least 70cm.
The MINI rails are also ideal when displaying children‘s bikes, the shorter length of extension is sufficient.

Fork und Pedal adaptors

Secure support for all bicycles.

Universal adaptor for a secure hold

The telescopic spring support, fitted with a universal adaptor, adjusts automatically to the required height - ensuring secure support for your bicycle!

The patented Premium Fork Adaptor (Picture 1) can hold any kind of crank in one of three different ways. A FIXO-Clip (Picture 1, under the adaptor) can be added to the Premium Fork Adaptor if required. This enables the spring support to be locked in the lower position (Picture 1) which makes it easier to position a bicycle on the rail as the bike does not need to be lifted so high.
The Premium Fork Adaptor has a large opening at the top, which can also securely support the new types of external bearing cranks (XT, XTR, LX, Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 etc.) (Pictures 3 and 4).

The Pedal Adaptor (Picture 2) can accomodate all e-bikes with a central motor. The fork shaped part of the adaptor fits between the pedal and the crank, holding the crank in position.