KID-BIKE Rotating display

An eye-catching way to display your children's bikes.

The rotating display will grab your customers' attention.

Foot switch for the power unit.

Targeting certain product groups to encourage sales.

The rotating display makes it even more eye catching.

Display 8 children's bikes (12-20") in an area of just 4.2mē. The rotating display will grab your customers' attention!

The system can be disassembled and can therefore be used anywhere - for example at trade fairs..

An automatic braking system stops the display rotating if it encounters any resistance, making it safe if children are around. This also avoids any damage to the power unit, which can be easily turned on and off with the foot switch. The presentation rails can be swivelled to whatever position you require, thus allowing 24" bikes to be displayed on the upper level.

The extending rails with ratchet action allow all bikes to be easily accessed.

The system is also available without a power unit, in which case it can be fitted with high quality castors

KID-BIKE 3 level presenter

Space saving whilst maintaining easy access.

Three Level for optimized space saving.

The display can be put together in whatever length you require - simply add / remove extra pieces. A 2.5m display can hold up to 28 children's bikes (12 - 24") with handlebars turned to the side, or 12-15 bikes without the handlebars turned. The extending rails allow the bikes to be easily accessed.

The new integrated technology reaches new heights in displaying children's bikes! Because children's bikes are smaller, the extending part of the rail doesn't need to be so long: therefore we have produced the MINI-Presentation rail, at a favourable price. This system can be used in rooms 2.80m high.