Multi-functional - Flip-quattro

Versatile and multi-purpose.

Example: FLIP-quattro with raised front wheel.

Example: FLIP-quattro with raised
back wheel.

Space-saving, efficient single and small group displays.

FLIP-quattro can do anything!

FLIP-quattro is extremely versatile and displays any bicycle to advantage.

FLIP-quattro is an adaptable single-presenter. Bicycles can be displayed with either a raised front wheel or a raised back wheel.

The tetrapod configuration means that an extremely stable display system is guaranteed.

Four rolling balls enable perfect accessibility,with mobility in all directions. FLIP-quattro helps to protect the bike and and the display is very customer-friendly.

When used together with other Birkhold Presentation systems, a range of attractive display options can be achieved.


Systematic and easily adaptable display options.

FLIP-quattro: simple - practical - good!
FLIP-quattro is a tetrapod system fitted with rolling balls. The system, together with the bicycle, can be moved in any direction.

Furthermore the extremely robust product provides excellent stability.

Many attractive and space-saving display options are possible when the FLIP-quattro is combined with other Birkhold single-presenters. The system requires less space than the bicycle alone.

FLIP-quattro with ROLLI-Presenter
A space-saving floor display by alternating ROLLI and FLIP-quattro. As a result the distance between the bikes is reduced to 38 cm, without the handlebars coming into contact. This means, for example, that 7 bicycles can be displayed within 4mē with full accessibility.

Each individual bike stands out despite the spacing between them.

Each system can be positioned as you like - so the available space in your salesroom is used to advantage.

Good presentation and easy accessibility:
A good display must also be practical and customer-friendly. Like all our products, the appeal of FLIP-quattro lies in the easy accessibilty for both salespeople and customers alike.

The bike can be rolled forward by simply pulling the handlebars or the front wheel- no effort involved. The bicycles are also protected from damage and the so-called domino effect.

In addition to an well-organised display, this variation also makes for a more relaxed atmosphere in the salesroom - the customers can look around by themselves.The perception of good, clear organisation enhances the appeal of the products.

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