FLIP-premium and FLIP-magic

Less effort - more impact

FLIP-premium: a real eye-catcher.

FLIP-magic: smaller angle of

FLIP-magic: larger angle of

Ideal for displaying single bicycles: FLIP-premium and FLIP-magic.

FLIP-premium helps you to establish a focal point. The dynamic appearance enhances any salesroom! Ideal for sports bikes and stand-alone displays.

Your bikes can be displayed with either a raised front wheel or a raised back wheel.

FLIP can be moved around easily, even out of the tightest corners - no heavy lifting and no need to remove the bike first.

The version FLIP-magic has an additional benefit - the angle of display can be changed, thanks to an adjustable stand.

More mobility with FLIP-premium
FLIP-premium is fitted with rolling balls, which allow the stand to be moved easily in all directions with the bike in place.

FLIP-premium can be easily positioned in shop windows and even manoeuvred into the tightest corners.

Two FLIP-premium
A combination of two FLIP-premium presenters. Left with a raised front wheel and right with a raised back wheel.

The angle of the FLIP-premium display is fixed and cannot be changed.

FLIP-magic, SKY and FLIP-premium
An attention-grabbing display, ideal for shop windows.