FLEXI Price Labels

The clever pricing system

The pricing labels are simply hung from the gear cable.

Double Price Label e.g. for technical
details und price information.

Both the single and double price label are attractive due to their discreet appearance and the fact they remain securely in position.

The customer can see the information at a glance, without having to search for labels.

The smart solution to professional pricing

Birkhold offers you practical price labels which are hung from the gear cable. Compared with many other labelling solutions, the price labels are held securely and can even be left in place when the bike is taken for a test run.

The product is made of flexible plastic and holds a 52x105mm card. These inlays can be individually designed and printed on a computer.

A specimen inlay data with the correct layout is also supplied free of cost. Trade software is also often compatible with our price labels.

The size of the label is ample for product and price information. Birkhold also supplies a double price label (see above) with which you can display twice as much information - for example using the upper label for technical details and the lower level for pricing information.


Double or single price label

FLEXI single price label

FLEXI double price label

The right size for any requirement.

The FLEXI single price label provides ample space for comprehensive product and price information.

If there is insufficient space to fix both sides of the label, fixing just one side of the label will suffice, still providing a very secure hold.