The ideal solution for e-bikes:

The Pedal Adaptor

Provides a secure hold for your e-bikes: the Pedal Adaptor.

ROLLI fitted with the Pedal Adaptor
for e-bikes.

The special Pedal Adaptor is primarily used when displaying e-bikes. E-Bikes with Bosch motors can also be displayed using this attachment.

All Birkhold displays can also be fitted with the adaptor for e-bikes.

All Birkhold systems are also available for e-bikes.

The Pedal Adaptor fits into the gap between the pedal and the crank. This attachment is primarily used when displaying e-bikes. Almost 100% of e-bikes on the market today can be displayed in this way!

The Adaptor can be fixed to any Birkhold system, however the best result can be achieved when used together with a rail with reduced spring displacement.

All e-bikes with a central motor can be universally and securely held in position.

The majority of e-bikes without a central motor can be displayed using the Premium Fork Adaptor.

Tiered displays:

A secure hold and an attractive display option for e-bikes.

Tiered e-bike display using ROLLI and ROLLI-up.

ROLLI fitted with the Pedal Adaptor for

E-bikes can be displayed just as effectively and compactly as other bikes using Birkhold systems.

All our presenters can be equipped with the appropriate adaptor system.

Tiered display: fit more bikes into the available space.

If several e-bikes are on display side by side, a split level arrangement is the most effective solution. This can be easily achieved by combining ROLLI and ROLLI-up. This allows your e-bikes to be displayed with a distance between the bikes of just 38cm.

E-bikes need to be explained carefully - easy accessibility to the bike is even more important, for the salesperson and the customer alike.

Simply pull the handlebars gently and the e-bike rolls forwards out of the display. It can be returned to the display just as easily.

Our tip: Avoid display options that build barriers and cause obstacles for your customers. Different coloured flooring can be used to distinguish the path through the display area, this simple technique is effective and ensures your customers always have direct access to the products.