The DUO-swing Set

An optical and technical highlight

3 bicycles in just over 1.5 mē.

Three bicycles can be attractively displayed in a floor area of just 90x185cm (room height approx. 2.50m).

The DUO-swing Set facilitates the creation of effective, mobile presentation ideas.

The lower level bikes can be rotated with next to no effort.

This display variation is an attractive combination of an effective stand-alone presentation coupled with an attractive group presentation.

The DUO-swing Set can also be teamed with either the SKY (without motor) or the SKY-fix and can also be retrofitted.

The DUO-swing Set can be added to an existing SKY Presenter (without motor). It comprises a double extension arm to which two presentation rails can be attached. The arm is supported like a slide bearing on the central circular tube, so that the two lower bikes can be turned with the minimum of effort. Three bicycles can be attractively displayed in an compact area of just over 1.5 mē .

The complete system is fitted with five high-grade wheels and can be easily repositioned in the salesroom.

Ideal for island displays in the centre of the room, for shop windows or for those awkward corners.

All the bikes are easily accessible to your customers - an effective island display!

The DUO-swing Set

New horizons

Ideal for central or stand-alone displays.

The DUO-swing Set is simply attached to the central vertical stand. The presentation rails are fixed in place with a nut and bolt. Swiftly assembled and ready to use!

The renowned Birkhold quality ensures supreme functionality, together with a very long life.

The DUO-swing Set is available with either a zinc plated or a chrome finish.

A smart display option that will impress your customers.

The lower level bikes can be easily rotated - ideal when comparing the differences between two similar bikes without having to remove them from the display. This means you can focus on your customer without disruption

The mobility of the complete system means that it can also be used on surfaces that are only suitable for temporary use.