Accessories and extras to display your bikes professionally

You can use additional accessories, together with products from our range, to create a greater impact and improve the appearance of your products. Simply by improving the customer's access to the bicycles creates a better impression of technology and quality. Quick and easy access even when they are displayed closely together, increases the appeal of the individual bikes - each bike can be pulled out for closer inspection. Professional presentation strategies make your products more accessible to your customers.

That's something you can't do without!!


TWIN with raised attachments:

Presentation at alternate heights 

allows you to display up to 40% more f

ully-assembled bikes,

whilst maintaining optimum access!

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TWIN with angled attachments:

Improves both the

display and the handling!

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Even easier to handle
bikes on upper levels! 







The favourable solution
to the problem of
wider tyres!







The clever pricing system!

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