4-IN-ONE Presenter

Compact und practical

A versatile and space-saving island display.

The Birkhold Presenter is very stable and is fitted with four high-grade wheels. These allow the display to be moved in all directions.
You can effortlessly move or reposition the system - even out of the tightest corner - while the bikes remain mounted.

Therefore the 4-IN-ONE is the ideal solution for displaying groups of products or for retailers who only require a two-level display in certain places.

The customer can get a good impression of the bikes without having to remove them from the stand in the first instance.

Space-saving display in less than 2mē.

The ease of handling and good accessibility facilitates a display solution in a floor space of 100x185cm (assuming a room height of approx. 2.50m) that is not only extremely customer-friendly but also salesperson-friendly.

4-IN-ONE Presenter

Stable construction - excellent performance

The parts of the 4-IN-ONE display are easily put together and the display rails are fixed in position with two bolts.
The system is ready to use in just a few minutes!

The renowned Birkhold quality ensures supreme functionality, together with a very long life.

The 4-IN-ONE presenter is available with either a zinc plated or a chrome finish.

Based on theory and proven in practice:

Better display strategies produce greater sales success

The reliable presenter has many possible uses.

The extremely stable 4-IN-ONE Presenter has a safe structure which prevents the display from tipping over. However, the display should only be moved when either all of the bikes are in position or symmetrically loaded.

The system has numerous possible uses:

  • in salesrooms
  • in outdoor areas
  • at trade fairs or similar events