3-Tier Presenter

Mobile or static display

The mobile 3-Tier presenter with wheels.

Clear and elegant tiered display.

The tiered arrangement can be used as a stand-alone display to cut a fine figure and create a good impression.

Many possible variations thanks to the modular design.

Attractive display with easy accessibility.

The extendable Birkhold presentation rails provide easy access to the bikes whilst holding them securely in position. The high-grade wheels are large enough to deal with small steps so the 3-Tier Presenter can also be used outwith the salesroom.

In addition to the mobile version, the 3-Tier Presenter can also be used as a static display.

The Birkhold modular principle permits the combination of the tiered elements with all other systems. Combination with a TWIN-Presenter, for example, creates a particularly attractive display.

Or by simply combining two 3-Tier Presenters you can create a pyramid-shaped display – can also be retrofitted!

3-Tier Presenter

Clear concept – stable implementation/h2>

Stable construction - a system designed to last for years.

High class workmanship.

Whether in a foyer, in front of a store or in the salesroom - the mobile system always looks appealing.

Stability, accessibility and an appealing design guarantee more sales.

A stable solution that stands out from other products in terms of
accessibility and functionality!

Compared to other tiered displays on the market, the Birkhold system has several decisive advantages:

  • extremely stable, tiered construction with thick-walled 40mm square tubes.
  • rails can be pivoted (continuously variable).
  • varying display forms thanks to free positioning options
  • extendable rails ensure easy access.

Additional or alternative customer requirements can be accomodated.
For example, the tiered stand can be simplified or made available with tiers of different heights - don‘t hestitate to ask!