2-IN-ONE Presenter

A smart way to display two bicycles in half the space.

Requiring a maximum floor area of just 60x185cm, the 2-IN-ONE-Presenter has space for two bikes.

The system is particularly suited to drawing attention to your star bikes.

Mobility means versatility:
Smooth wheels mean that the 2-IN-ONE-display can be easily moved in all directions.

You can effortlessly move two bikes at once, whether out of a tight corner or to swiftly reposition the display.
Presentation without time consuming handling.

The Birkhold display option is very stable, thanks to 4 high-grade wheels, 2 of which are fitted with a brake system. These allow the display to be easily moved in any direction - great for handling and accessibility.

Two bicycles can be effectively displayed when space is limited, whilst the bikes are held in position securely thus protecting against damage. The easy handling and the promotionally effective presentation make the 2-IN-ONE Presenter the finishing touch for any salesroom!

Custom-made bikes or other special products can be set apart and highlighted with this display solution. The 2-IN-ONE is also ideal for use as a structural element or for use at trade fairs or other events.

The system can be extended into a custom-made sales stand with the relevant accessesories. A holder for broschures or display options for bike accessories can also be integrated.


Display bikes with advertising appeal and attract customers.

Not only displaying the bikes effectively, also an opportunity to advertise:
child‘s play with the 2-IN-ONE presenter.

The advertising banner, which can be individually designed, has a surface area of 83cm x 210cm (banner support and banner can be purchased separately) and is an ideal way to convey your message, especially when product related.

The renowned Birkhold quality ensures supreme functionality, together with a very long life.

The 2-IN-ONE presenter is available with either a zinc plated or a chrome finish.

2-IN-ONE - the ideal companion at trade fairs and events.

Easy assembly and dismantling, together with the advertising appeal, makes the 2-IN-ONE ideal for use at trade fairs.

The parts of the 2-IN-ONE display are easily put together and the display rails are fixed in position with two bolts.The system is ready to use in just a few minutes. The required room height is 2.5 m.