Bicycle Sales

  • Always being the best is a big challenge.
  • Complex problems demand well-considered and flexible solutions
  • Birkhold Presentation Systems bring you a decisive advantage!


  • presented in a customer friendly way


    halving space requirements

    at the same time

    minimising access time


    optimising sales success

    in short: With less expenditure more sales!

Requirements of a practical and customer oriented bike presentation:

  • Making Use of Space 
  • Due to the ever increasing range of bikes and accessories, a lack of space is not uncommon - no matter how large the sales area is. To avoid this, the available space should be used as efficiently as possible. Therefore a presentation system must be able to be adapted to every shape and size of room. Not only the floor area but also the height of the room should be used efficiently. The system can be adapted according to the showroom and not the other way round!
  • Retaining Flexibility
  • Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Whether you make alterations, renovate or relocate, the modular presentation system can be adapted without any problem. The existing components can easily be used again - nearly everything can be utilised!
  • Visually Enhancing the Presentation
  • The way the customer perceives the quality of the goods depends upon the presentation. A bicycle presentation system should remain in the background and push the goods into the spotlight. Even when space is not an issue, better presentation improves the overall impression.
  • Acheiving Order, Providing Access
  • A consistent product group presentation eases orientation for the customer and the salesman. In practice this is difficult to achieve without a suitable system. A fixed place for each product group allows the customer better access and orientation. The customer should be able to look around the showroom on their own and survey the range of products.
  • Enabling Fast Access
  • A sales discussion becomes an ordeal when nearly every bike must be carefully and tediously "reparked". This means communication with the customer suffers, the sales talk is permanently interrupted and the salesman cannot concentrate on the real issue - the customer!
  • Backing up the Sales Talk
  • Frequently during the sales discussion, technical details must be compared and different models explained to the customer. This means the salesman should have both hands free, in order to clarify the explanations with gestures. Experience shows that this type of explanation greatly improves communication. The customer hears and sees what you are saying! Use our systems as your silent sales partner!
  • Protecting from Damage
  • A common concern is the domino-effect or paint damage due to scraping. The financial loss in one year can be sustantial. A suitable presentation system should protect your bikes from such damage.
  • Timeless and Elegant Design
  • A strict division between the presentation system and the interior decoration means you remain unaffected by fashion trends. From time to time the showroom needs a new look in order to appeal to customers. An efficient presentation system should always provide a neutral and flexible framework within which the decoration is unobtrusive but yet brings out the best in the surroundings.

We offer you the best quality so that you can benefit from our systems for a long time, that's what our name stands for!