Create a second level.

Display option using TWIN: Upper level with optional angled attachments. For even more
attractive presentation and ease of handling.

TWIN teamed with ROLLI floor

TWIN with angled attachments.

TWIN is the space-saving solution for bicycle presentation.

The high quality frame is elegant with a slimline appearance so that even the lower level bicycles are shown to the best advantage. The modular system can be adapted to any length by means of intermediate supports.
Your sales area is doubled!

The TWIN-Presenter provides:

  • value enhancing presentation
  • ease of handling
  • practicality

Based on pyschology and proven in practice:
Better presentation leads to greater sales success.

TWIN is more than a second level

Possible variations

Top view TWIN-Presenter 2.5 m long, in different variations:

TWIN-Presenter with angled rail positions. The rails can swivel and are continuously variable.

If space is limited, the display rails can be swivelled so that the depth of the display is just 1.2m instead of 1.8m. This means that an area of only 3.5mē is required to display 8 bicycles!

TWIN-Presenter with alternating positions.

When placed in a centre aisle, the rails can be fitted in alternating directions, allowing access from both sides. This reduces the distance between the rails to 35 cm.
This enables 14 bicycles to be displayed with a width of just 2.5m whilst maintaining easy access. Bicycles with a length of 1.8 m require an area of 4.5 mē.

TWIN-Presenter, with handelbars turned sideways.

If space is limited, or in storage areas, the distance between the rails can be reduced to 28cm. As many as 18 bicycles can be displayed in an area of 4.5mē - whilst maintaining easy accessibility.