Birkhold Presentation Systems - About us.

Birkhold Presentation Systems is an experienced company that knows the value of tradition. Our systems have developed from practical experience - not just from theory!Birkhold has been constructing its' Presentation Systems for more than thirty years.The company has specialised in the production and sales of its' Presentation Systems since 1988. These unique products are successfully sold in more than 38 countries.From single display systems which increase your sales opportunities, right through to space-saving two level systems - Birkhold supplies the complete solution for customer friendly bicycle sales.

All the products can be easily adapted and individually combined, thus providing an optimal solution for every salesroom.

We have already successfully equipped thousands of salesrooms. If you have a problem displaying your bicycles, Birkhold has the solution!

Company History:

The Birkhold company was founded in 1926 by Paul Birkhold. It was originally a metalwork shop with an attached bicycle shop - this was at a time when there was still the odd bicycle with wooden rimmed wheels. Julius Birkhold joined the company during the 1940s. The company also began to branch out into the area of motorbikes. It became an agent for Ardie in 1949, to be followed by Triumph, Dürrkopp and Victoria.

As well as becoming agents for Stihl chainsaws, the company also went into the car business. In addition to selling Lloyd cars it also sold the legendary Borgward brand. Julius Birkhold also took over the metalwork shop at the beginning of the 1960s and set about developing a new type of cantilever stairs. This invention brought Julius recognition in the form of an Inventor´s Medal. Over the years over 200 tons of steel were used in the production of the "Birkhold Stairs", which had many customers throughout Southern Germany. Serious illness forced Julius Birkhold to relinquish his stairs production to another company.

Having recovered, Birkhold then developed a platform system with which to display various products. The Stihl Company used this to display its' chainsaws at trade fairs. Additionally, the system was also sold to many florists.

The bicycle branch of the business expanded further during the mid-eighties - leading to a lack of space in the showroom. This was a problem for many bicycle shops but when Julius Birkhold searched the market he was unable find a solution to the problem.

So Birkhold set about developing the  TWIN-Presenter, a presentation system to display bicycles on two levels. Pull-out rails provided easy access.

In 1988 Julius Birkhold launched a prototype of the system in Cologne.  It immediately created great interest and by the beginning of 1989 the first customers were supplied. At the beginning of the nineties Werner Birkhold joined the company and learnt the presentation side of the business from Julius Birkhold. In time, Werner Birkhold assumed responsibility for the production and sales of  the bicycle presentation systems.

Julius Birkhold developed the  TWIN-System  further and worked on other display systems for bicycles. These products are still being successfully marketed today. In 1998 Werner Birkhold took over the management of the presentation systems side of the business and Rolf Birkhold took over the management of the bicycle side. Julius Birkhold died in 1999 at the age of 69. Werner Birkhold developed the existing products further and gradually increased the range of products.

Today the Birkhold range of unique presentation systems for bicycles comprises over 30 systems and their variations. This means the company can provide a customer friendly solution for every requirement.